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Who else can say their business is 100% word of mouth, with zero paid advertising?  

When people attend the events we create, they can't help but tell their friends about it.  

I am Karl Hirsch, the owner of Simply The Best Party!, and from the very beginning (2002) my focus has been on making each party unforgettable.  You can count on my personal attention from start to finish.  You can even request me as your Master of Ceremonies at your next event!

I am here in my office every day, and I invite you to call or email me, to confirm our availability.   I also encourage you to ask about setting up a face to face consultation or FaceTime chat, so that I can learn more about what you have in mind and offer my experience in putting together a winning plan!

What is "Signature Wedding Professionals"?

Your Signature represents your own unique style.

Whether it be setting the atmosphere, guiding the flow or recording the memories, we enhance and capture your unique style.  The confidence we provide can make the difference between just "getting through it", and really shining.  Having a plan and a team of true professionals with someone you trust in charge, lets you enjoy every moment of your celebration.  

Just as your Signature marks your commitment to honor something, our Signature packages mark our commitment to honor your unique style!

Count on us to craft the Signature for your day.

Call us now to confirm your date and setup a free consultation!

(610) 762-3671

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